Friday, February 18, 2011

Marriage Advice on Conflict

Conflict is important for any relationship and like most things, it has a learning curve. Here's a good question from the Spousonomics blog:
Have you figured out a way to argue more efficiently? Like, to reach resolution and smiles more quickly?
and here's the fabulous answer:
Never ever call names. Never ever threaten to leave. Don’t apologize for things you aren’t sorry for, that’s just mean, and for the love of all things Holy don’t fight about things that don’t matter. If you sit down and look at your part in things it’s unlikely that what you’re angry about matters one bit.


  1. " Don’t apologize for things you aren’t sorry for"
    Tough I guess .. the entire thing starts with the very notion that you did it and it's very hard to convince you didn't . In such cases if the matter is not so serious then fastest way to put this to an end is simply say I will not do in future :P

  2. Good point, but my guess is that this applies more to arguments about whether what was done was worth apologizing for.

  3. Well said ,sometime females are beyond rational reasoning :-)

    They will magnify a mundane stuff and overlook something serious . (Girls please don't send me hate mails, I am just saying it)

  4. Not sure if I can get on board for that comment.


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