Saturday, February 12, 2011

Famous as Shit

I've thought a lot about fame. About what it's like to be really famous and kind of famous. And how to know if you are famous. In the past, my fame-meter has been do you want to have lunch with a stranger. A truly famous person couldn't say yes, if they did, they'd always be eating with strangers. Justin Wehr has come up with an even more unusual metric. In response to poop art:
It is fascinating (to me) to think about the different market values of poop depending on context. The same person who paid thousands of dollars for Manzoni's poop would probably pay hundreds of dollars to avoid the experience of seeing, smelling, or God-forbid stepping in a stranger's poop.

Here is a fascinating question: What person, in what context, would have the highest-valued poop?

I'd bet that a Buzz Aldrin turd released in space would demand a pretty penny. Not sure if it would go higher than a Marilyn Monroe turd.
You heard it here first: If I ever become famous enough to have poop with a positive market value (come to think of it, that is a good measure of fame, isn't it?), I will sell it. In fact, I wouldn't mind being remembered as the guy who sold more of his poop than any other human in history. I am only half-joking.
That's a part of Justin's weird but surprisingly interesting series Poop Mondays. Here are the other posts so far:
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